New gig in Madrid. Costello Club, 30-5-2014

tds costello

You can buy your tickets here:—Sala-Costello-417

Next stop, Sala Ego Live, Alcalá De Henares


Nobody Is Perfect

We’re going to upload some new songs. This one is the opening track of The Forest. A hit in the face. Nobody Is Perfect¡¡¡

Awesome gig¡¡¡

Thanxs to all of you who made last night’s gig at Sala Caracol a night to remember. We know that the bigger the stage, the better the band sounds and looks, TDS is big for a club¡¡¡ We’ll be playing in Madrid soon, stay tuned¡¡¡ Also thanks to the guys from Nonno and Los Noviembre, a pleasere to play with such an amazing bands.

Trees Die Standing + Nonno + Los Noviembre, 29 Marzo 2014, Sala Caracol.

After Thundercat’s gig (thanx everyone who came), we got another date in Madrid. We’re gonna play at Sala Caracol, with Nonno (where Jack also plays) and Los Noviembre (indie rock band from Valladolid).

It’s gonna be great, please, don’t miss it, you’ll regret it¡¡¡ Only 8€ these 3 awesome bands¡¡¡

Thundercats Club Gig Poster


Stop is the new song of Trees Die Standing.

Stop is the new song from Trees Die Standing. Included in Planting Seeds, the EP that precedes the release of The Forest, Stop is a masterpiece of the trio from Madrid. This is the Lyrics Video. Check it out¡¡¡

New Single Out Soon¡¡¡

2014 is going to light up the first single of the new album The Forest.  “Stop”, one of the last song recorded by the band (it was recorded several months after the recording sessions of the rest of the tracks) has been chosen as the first single of The Forest. The album has no official release date, but the band is eager to let their fans know how the new music from the band is.

In the next days you will be able to listen to the new tune. Stay tuned¡¡¡

The Forest is near¡¡¡

We are doing the final mixes of the 2nd Album of Trees Die Standing, The Forest. It has been a long journey, and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (or is a train?…).

It’s a blessing for us to have tooootal control of our music (sometimes it’s a curse too), and we are veeery proud of the new music that we’ve made. Can’t wait for you to listen to it.

The Forest is near… patiance… It’s gonna be worth the wait¡¡¡


Only hours left to make your contribution HERE

It’s been an amazing experience for us, loaded with hard work and a lovefull response from our backers. We want to thank you your effort, we know these times are hard, and every dollar counts.

We’ve made this video with the backers at this moment, will update with the last ones. The soundtrack is “Walking On Sunshine”, one of the covers recorded in The Forest recording sessions.

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